We are Aquiares

Aquiares is not just a coffee farm, Aquiares is a Community.

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Meet the Team

Meet the Community

  • Women’s organic vegetable garden

    Locally grown food not only tastes better, it also employs hard working women in rural areas. Because of this, Aquiares partnered with Cornell University to develop a garden which they would manage as an entrepreneurial venture. The ladies in charge received guidance from a Cornell intern and have done a great job growing only organic vegetables which are sold to local families, restaurants and supermarkets.

  • Aquiares Mountain Biking Club

    With extensive gravel roads and jungle paths around, our club "Coffee-Cletos" has formed around our passion for MTB; representing the Aquiares community in events throughout Costa Rica and hosting an annual bike meet inside the Aquiares farm has been a proud task.

  • Aquiares’ Church Youth Club

    United by a common spiritual endeavor, our group of 40 pre-teens & teens has decided to make social responsibility fun! We organize fund-raisers, culinary fairs and other activities to help those that need it the most, and also keep our lives healthy by spreading happiness to those around us.


Educational Opportunities

Interested in pursuing a practical internship at Aquiares? We are always looking for motivated, open-minded students looking to get their hands dirty.

Check out this blog from our previous intern!

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