Partners & Distributors

Trade Values

From our President, Alfonso Robelo:

“Our medullar value is compliance. This requires a chain of fulfillments that start on the field with the strict respect of the norms under which we grow coffee. Followed by the careful processing in our own mill and the traceability given to every bean. We have a firm commitment to deliver desired coffee quality in the times agreed at in our contracts. Our history proves that we fulfill requirements for our futures contracts and we never trade back.

In summary, we guarantee compliance in five areas: the way we farm, the quality processing in our mill, the traceability of our beans, the timeliness of our delivery, and the respect to the price agreed upon. Our compliance value will give you the peace of mind that only our transparency can provide.”

Our Partners

We are constantly working to make direct trade relationships with coffee drinkers and roasters. Our partners return to us because they know the quality of our coffee. They also share our values of social responsibility and environmental sustainability. Our clients are not just that, they become partners willing to share the responsibilities that direct relationships entail. Please reach out if you would like to start a conversation!

McCabe’s Coffee